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GP-AUTOGROUP Inc Express Limited Warranty

GP-AUTOGROUP, Inc ("GP-AUTOGROUP") warrants to the original user and consumer ("consumer" or "you") that any goods supplied by GP-AUTOGROUP shall be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for one (1) year or twelve thousand (12,000) miles from the date of purchase by the original consumer.

This EXPRESS LIMITED WARRANTY does not apply where there has been a failure of the goods due to alteration, repair subsequent to the purchase, misuse, improper installation, neglect or accident. Electrical and Aftermarket Performance components/parts are excluded from this EXPRESS LIMITED WARRANTY and can not be returned once they have been installed. Such components are subject only to their respective manufacturers warranties (if applicable).

If you believe you have received defective goods or sub-standard services from GP-AUTOGROUP, you must immediately notify GP-AUTOGROUP of why you believe the goods or services are faulty. GP-AUTOGROUP will either request you return the defective goods or bring the vehicle in for inspection, or GP-AUTOGROUP will rely upon the information you have provided (either via phone or with photographs) to determine whether the goods or services are in fact faulty. If any goods are proven to be defective, then GP-AUTOGROUP, at its sole option, will choose to repair or replace the defective goods, or issue the customer a credit toward the purchase of goods from GP-AUTOGROUP in the future. The customer is responsible for any and all transportation or shipping and handling costs associated with the inspection, repair or replacement of defective goods. Should the warranty provided by the manufacturer of the goods sold to you by GP-AUTOGROUP contain terms and conditions more favorable than this EXPRESS LIMITED WARRANTY, you agree that the manufacturer’s warranty, and not GP-AUTOGROUP EXPRESS LIMITED WARRANTY, shall be your sole and exclusive solution and you will no longer hold GP-AUTOGROUP liable for any and all actions.

Except as provided in this EXPRESS LIMITED WARRANTY, GP-AUTOGROUP makes NO other EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES of any kind, whether as to MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. If any of GP-AUTOGROUP sales staff and/or representatives have made any verbal statements about the goods, these statements do not constitute warranties and are not part of the GP-AUTOGROUP EXPRESS LIMITED WARRANTY.

In the case of products that have been labeled by their manufacturer as being "For Off Road Use Only" this EXPRESS LIMITED WARRANTY does not apply and such parts are not covered. Defects or premature failures of products labeled "Off Road Use Only" are not covered by this warranty or GP-AUTOGROUP and are subject only to there manufacturers warranty (if any).

GP-AUTOGROUP shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages you allege may have occurred as a result of use of goods from GP-AUTOGROUP. This exclusion of liability for incidental and consequential damages includes but is not limited to, claims for lost profits, any costs or expenses for labor, transportation or other expenses incurred by the use or sale of said defective goods. This EXPRESS LIMITED WARRANTY gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights which vary from state to state.

GP-AUTOGROUP reserves’ the right to modify or otherwise make changes to the EXPRESS LIMITED WARRANTY at any time, without notice.

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