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Welcome to GP-AUTOGROUP Online Customer Information Center!

The Online Customer Information Center maintains a complete history of services and repairs performed on your vehicle.

We hope these resources assisst you in keeping your vehicle in top condition and should also help with ay questions you have regarding your service history. The OCIC is here to help you check when your last oil change was performed, check what notes we made for your vehicle at your last appointment, and even see when your vehicle is due for its next service and what that service will include!

The OCIC keeps you connected to us and allows you to give us feedback in areas where improvements can be made or suggestions on a particular service you feel we should offer!

Get maintenance and mileage tips and information!
Free service offers!
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GP RockVille is open Monday thru Friday 8AM to 6PM. After hours pickup and drop off, as well as free pickup and delivery of your vehicle is available by prior arrangement.
GP RockVille can also perform any factory service for almost every other makes of vehicle on the road. Please click below for pricing and information.
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